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The best method for creating Video online


From: ShannonVanI
Date: Sep 17, 2009 12:20PM

Hello Technical Genius ,

Could I please ask your assistance? I am a student studying Instructional
design. In short, I design *online* courses. I’m a huge supporter of
Universal Instructional Design, but I’m hitting some road blocks on the
“technology end” simply because I’m more of a writer than a Technical Genius
(programmer). My greatest challenge at this point is making my courses ASL
accessible. When I visit this site from the Canadian Hearing Society

I can access the ASL feature and up comes a gentleman who speaks the
paragraph in ASL. It takes about 3 minutes for me to see him in full
communication for one paragraph of writing. This is not good for a course.
(I don't think it's good at all for that matter.) Yet, I can click on a
YouTube video and see a video in seconds. Can you advise the best means of
online technology use *that is asynchronous* (accessible whenever one
chooses) that would allow a student to simply click on an ASL interface to
access a person ASLing the text in my online course and get immediate
results. Video seems like the best solution. But it can take forever to see
or simply seconds. What’s the catch? What is the best method/tool/tech for
putting video online so that downloads are fast and not choppy?

I *deeply appreciate* any assistance you can provide.


Shannon VI