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Re: Question on "skip to main content"


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Sep 25, 2009 1:50PM

Jared Smith wrote:

> - Heading or document structure could be considered "a method", but
> this has little benefit for sighted keyboard users because browsers
> (except Opera or Firefox with an extension) do not support keyboard
> navigation by headings or other elements (despite the fact this has
> been a requirement of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines since
> 2002).

The argument then of course is: if a sighted user has to rely on
keyboard navigation (or keyboard-like interfaces), then surely they
should also be using the correct tools (browsers) for that. Yes, yes, if
they're in a library, public access area, or the infamous internet
cafe', then that may not be the case (although a follow-up argument then
is that the library etc should provide reasonable accommodation for
customers with those needs...e.g. having something other than, say, IE

Patrick H. Lauke