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Re: VPAT XML Schema


From: Jared Smith
Date: Oct 8, 2009 11:40AM

On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Rowland, Brian wrote:
> Wondering if the new VPAT XML schema is publicly available yet, or if
> anyone knows of a public release date?

This page - http://www.accessibilitywatch.com/?p=203 - by Ken Nakata
says, "In coming weeks, I hope to be able to release the specification
itself. Stay tuned for more details."

I have to admit that I'm slightly averse to a proprietary XML format
that is currently only supported by a proprietary program that was
developed under contract by the organization that owns a trademark on
"VPAT". Then again, I thoroughly dislike the entire VPATĀ® approach
itself, though I admit it's a necessary evil.

Jared Smith