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Re: Good page titles - friendly SEO


From: Geof Collis
Date: Oct 14, 2009 7:15AM

Hi Steven

Perhaps it is the kind of searching I do, but I prefer that the title
and main content be at least similar to my search string. Lately I
have found too many websites burying the main content heading 5 or 6
deep, especially newspapers, I find this very annoying. It wouldn't
bother me if you put anything ahead of the main content, I dont
backgtrack unless I'm looking for something else regarding my search.

When I get to the page I start with my JAWS heading commands, if I
cant find it that way then I use the on screen find function, type in
some words that were relevant and go from there.

I prefer my pages to be set up with navigation ahead of the main
content rather than making it the first thing I encounter because
that is what I am used to, in designing and surfing.



At 08:47 AM 10/14/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Geof,
>When you say you 'like the title to match the content heading' do you
>actually find that to be the case of most websites? As I don't recall that
>to be the case and am presently of the opinion that would be duplicate
>content (in so far as sifting through all the other content on a given page,
>that also wants my attention).
>In your case, if I were to place the main heading (which is perhaps
>'similar' to the page title) at the top of the page, would it really be
>inconvenient that it differ from the title? And what if I place a few quick
>links above that too, one of which linked to the main content? In the case
>of a heading being identical to the page title, would you not prefer that
>there was no heading and could get straight to the main content directly
>(effectively treating the page title as your page heading)?
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> >I'm interested in people's feedback on page titles and how when written for
> >SEO rankings, affect usability ... my humble opinion is that high ranking
> >page titles are generally too long and unfriendly for me as a visual user,
> >and wonder if this is even more of a problem for the visually impaired or
> >blind user.
>Hi Steven
>Personally long titles dont botehr me as a screen reader, the more
>descriptive the better and I really dont need any company names
>cluttering up the beginning of it, its easy enough to find out the
>company's name from the site if I need to.
>Perhaps its just me but when I search I like the title to
>match the content heading it speeds things up for me. When I find
>the search item that best describes what I searched for I want to go
>to the site and hit the heading tab until I get the corresponding text.
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