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Re: Guidelines for nested data tables?


From: D A
Date: Oct 22, 2009 12:50PM

> The most reliable method I've found to associate a data cell with a
> heading is to use the headers and id attributes
> (http://sp1ral.com/tests/flood-data-final.html).  I have not tested
> associating a data cell in an inner (nested) table with a heading in
> an outer table. It would be an interesting test. Do you have an
> example of the tables/data you are marking up? I'd love to hear how
> Jaws, WindowEyes, and NVDA handle that type of relationship.

My intent isn't to associate headings in the parent table with those
in the nested table. The nested table will have its own set of

This isn't a hiding/showing of rows of the parent table, but rather a
hiding/showing of ancillary data for each row in the parent table.

I'll try to get some sample markup soon...