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Re: Dropdown Box


From: Lisa Halabi
Date: Jun 25, 2001 10:14AM

I concur with Jeff, but for another reason not just to do with Java script
and keyboard access. Recently I spent the afternoon sitting with a blind
user using a screen reader. One thing I witnessed was how annoying
auto-go-combi boxes are. Not only does it mean blind users don't get to
'hear' the contents of the list first, but they are transported
automatically to the first option which can be rather disorientating. From
an accessibility perspective it is safe to say that a GO button with a
drop-down is the much better option.
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My understanding is that this is true. Dropdown boxes that use JavaScript to
"go" when the box is changed are not accessible to individuals using a

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Subject: Dropdown Box

> Can anyone tell me if this is true? - Dropdown box with submit/go button
> accessible (since you can select your option with your keaboard) but the
> without it is not.
> samson