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Re: Complex use of Radio input


From: Moore,Michael (DARS)
Date: Nov 20, 2009 7:00AM

If you want to use standards compliant HTML then drop the table layout and style the fieldset to make the form look like it did with the table. This will also provide an accessible form.

Mike Moore
(512) 424-4159

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Subject: [WebAIM] Complex use of Radio input

I have a customer who has submitted a form that uses a table layout to associate radio buttons with a top-level question (in the first cell of the first row) and a series of sub-questions (within each of the following rows). I have attached a simplified extract of the customers proposed HTML.

The table structure gives a good visual layout that is easy for a sighted person to use.

But it doesn't really allow associating <label> tags with each <input>. Nor does it work well with a <fieldset> and <legend> containers for the radio buttons.

Does anyone have a solution that is fully compliant with section 508, and uses standards compliant HTML?

-- Mike Langum
U.S. Office of Personnel Management