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Re: Mobile Devices


From: Geof Collis
Date: Nov 20, 2009 9:40AM

Hi John

Wow those are great!!

My wife looked at my site www.badeyes.com on the testyphone and said
it fit ok and when I clicked my "mobile" style sheet it looked even
better, the other one had sideways scrolling.

I've downloaded that WordPress plugin and will test it out, but if
you have time can you check www.badeyes.com with your Iphone and give
me some feedback, private if you like.


At 04:29 PM 11/19/2009, you wrote:
>There are lots found by Googling "safari iphone emulator." Here are a
>BTW, I think they both require Safari.
>Before I had an iPod Touch (which I recommend purchasing for testing
>anyway), I used a Safari plugin called iPhoney
>http://www.marketcircle.com/iphoney/ on one of my Macs.
>I suspect you will start to see a trend where folks will be installing
>adaptive themes to their CMS which will convert your website into a "mobile
>ready" theme which looks and behaves like a real iPhone/iPod app. Read my
>discussion and review of a WordPress theme-like plugin called WPtouch
>http://jebswebs.net/blog/2009/11/very-cool-wp-plug-in/ Very cool indeed.
>BTW, I did not address other smartphones and mobile browsers, but I suspect
>that they will start to converge in the not too distant future and will
>probably look more and more like the Safari iPhone/iPod browser since they
>own a large share of the market and have become the standard to which all
>the mobile phone makers seem to want to meet or beat.
>John E. Brandt
>Augusta, ME USA
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>Subject: [WebAIM] Mobile Devices
>Hi All
>Does anyone know of a website or application where I can view my
>website as if I was using a mobile device? I dont mean screen shots,
>I mena an actual experience.
>Currently I have a style sheet that a user can click on to render it
>for mobile devices but I'm checking into a WordPress plugin that will
>automatically detect mobile devices and serve up an appropriate style
>sheet, I want to see how it renders as I dont use any.
>Also, If anyone with a mobile device has time can you go to
>www.badeyes.com and click on the "mobile" link at the top of the page
>and see how it looks? It's based on a Joe Clark tutorial.
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