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Re: insight about weird flash


From: Chris Hoffman
Date: Nov 27, 2009 10:00AM

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Al Sparber < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> From: "Andrew Kirkpatrick" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>> [summary: Setting the wmode of a Flash object to "window" will allow it to be detected by assistive technology, while setting it to
>> "transparent" or "opaque" will hide it from AT.]
> What then does someone do when needing to have positioned content appear on
> top of a Flash piece?

I'm curious about this too. I have run into a couple of instances
where positioned content (such as a modal dialog) has had Flash
content in the background show through, and have found/been told/read
on the Internet that setting the Flash object's wmode to "opaque" or
"transparent" would keep that from happening. But if that will make
the content inaccessible, what should we do?

Can we switch the wmode to "opaque" when the dialog is displayed, and
then reset it to "window" when the dialog is dismissed?