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Re: Section 508 Evaluation Tools


From: Kitzzy Aviles
Date: Apr 22, 2002 3:38PM

Thanks so much for this link. Its great and just the type of thing that I was looking for. It will be a great help in putting my document together. I also found a good help page on the WAVE site on how they check for each Section 508 standard. Unfortunately, that version of WAVE is still beta, but still a great help.

Thanks again,

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HUse the following url to see the document I wrote for my agency. Feel free to use any part of this document that applies to your task.

Mark Rew

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From: Kitzzy Aviles
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 11:49 AM
Subject: Section 508 Evaluation Tools

My department would like to put together the following:

"a documented methodology with respect to the various 508 checks, for instance:


(a) A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided (e.g., via alt tags, longdesc, or in element content).

TOOL(S): - manual check, utilities, software?
Use Dreamweaver utility to check for?
Use Bobby to check for? etc."

Basically, whats the best method/tool to test each individual standard as we know that not everything can be tested with just one method/tool. Is something like this already out there that I could use or to help me get started? I have a pretty good idea of what these are, but I figured I'd ask before begining the whole thing from scratch.