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Re: Headings


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Dec 21, 2009 3:21PM

> I dont see a need to use headings as I have
> said before, all I have is bold text to signify that it is a mainn
> navigation and categories, if I chose not to put any text then there
> would be no need to put headings at all.

If they are not necessary, maybe you should just remove them?

I think the issue is less about navigation and more about meaning. SC 4.1.2 is about exposing the role and state of an element programmatically. The way the page is encoded now that information is not programmatically available--although it is visually apparent.

Its possible that users may be able to determine the meaning accurately from the page context. However, since there is a way to use mark-up to ensure the meaning is clear, it still could be beneficial to add the heading elements.

You could make the section headings for main menu, categories, and search h2 elements--and make the first heading of your main content an h1.