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Re: Headings


From: Geof Collis
Date: Dec 25, 2009 6:09PM

Hi wayne

Further to your post saying you dont use skip
linkds I submit the following from

Specific Benefits of Success Criterion 2.4.1:
· When this Success Criterion is not
satisfied, it may be difficult for people with
some disabilities to reach the main content of a Web page quickly and easily.
· Screen reader users who visit several
pages on the same site can avoid having to hear
all heading graphics and dozens of navigation
links on every page before the main content is spoken.
· People who use only the keyboard or a
keyboard interface can reach content with fewer
keystrokes. Otherwise, they might have to make
dozens of keystrokes before reaching a link in
the main content area. This can take a long time
and may cause severe physical pain for some users.
· People who use screen magnifiers do not
have to search through the same headings or other
blocks of information to find where the content
begins each time they enter a new page.
· People with cognitive limitations as well
as people who use screen readers may benefit when links are grouped into lists