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help demystify some java for me.


From: Carin Headrick
Date: Jan 2, 2010 1:48PM

Hi. I have a blogger blog, and I discovered a link that JAWS perceives as a link, but all the entering and left mouse clicking in the world won't make anything happen. I've been able to discern that it is java-based or something. Here's a whole wack of code. What in here is causing JAWS to not act on it, and what change would make JAWS happy?

<span class="role-change-holder">-
<form action="/team-member-modify.do" method="post" style="display:inline; margin:0" name="changeAdmin336012100843"><input type="hidden" name="blogID" value="5943596"><input type="hidden" name="isAdmin" value="true"><input type="hidden" name="memberID" value="336012100843"><input name="securityToken" type="hidden" value="c2-Y93JJOIYkCujzOI2som44XUk:1262464757302"><script type="text/javascript">
document.write("x3ca hrefx3dx22javascript:document.changeAdmin336012100843.submit();x22 onclickx3dx22showChangeAdminDialog(this, x26quot;5943596x26quot;, x26quot;336012100843x26quot;, true); return false;x22 titlex3dx22Change from author to adminx22x3eGrant admin privilegesx3c/ax3e");
</script><noscript><input type="submit" value="Grant admin privileges" id="changeAdmin336012100843-btn" title="Change from author to admin" class="blue-on-tan-thin-ns"></noscript></form></span>

I had to right click this link, copy shortcut and *then* I could put it in the address bar, go there, and it would work. The shortcut copied was the following: javascript:document.changeAdmin336012100843.submit();

Sorry for probably a lot of extraneous code. I don't know what is important and what is not.

And happy new year.