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Re: Java AccessBridge, JAWS, Magic, ZoomText, NVDA


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Jan 27, 2010 7:27AM

You may want to double check the installation of the java access bridge (jab.) We have had a couple instances where we discovered that another JRE had been installed after we had installed the jab and the java app was using the newer JRE install.
The only other suggestion I can think of that might help is to try to use java ferret or java monkey to check the java app. That might give you an idea of what accessibility information is being exposed by the java app.
I think that both ZoomText and NVDA do support the java access bridge. If that is the case, their use of it should be similar to JAWS. At least, I haven't come across anything to make me think that JAWS gets its information about the java app from anywhere else besides the java access bridge--I mean for Swing UI components.


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Without naming names to protect the guilty, I have the following

An online course is accessible with JAWS and Magic via the Java
AccessBridge. However, "text" field data is not read using either
ZoomText or NVDA, even when configured correctly for the AccessBridge.
What gives? Does NVDA have a missing component supporting the
AccessBridge, does ZoomText? Are there multiple methods that can be
used to deliver text field values via the Bridge, and some AT supports
more than others, or does JAWS use something additional to greab the
information-e.g. display driver data? Anyone who has a similar example
of such behavior and found the specific answer? If so please post.

Will have to try JAWS minus video intercept and see what happens.