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Re: Java AccessBridge, JAWS, Magic, ZoomText, NVDA


From: November Samnee
Date: Jan 27, 2010 9:21AM

Mike -

I find it very interesting that ZoomText looks for the title attribute
instead of using the label element. Do you (or anyone else for that matter)
know of some good sources for that sort of information about ZoomText?

November Samnee

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 10:01 AM, Moore,Michael (DARS) <
<EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> The reader in ZoomText has a lot of quirks, and does not support common web
> standards for accessibility. For example it does not support the label
> element, and gets its label information from the title attribute in the
> input instead.
> That being said, we have had very bad luck with the JAVA access bridge. We
> have had vastly different performance between systems with JAWS and the
> Access Bridge installed and have been unable to get the interactive elements
> to report or perform reliably when using a screen reader.
> Mike Moore
> (512) 424-4159
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> Removing the JAWS video intercept drivers will cause a lot of other
> problems with JAWS itself. I don't think that the Access bridge product
> was ever meant for Zoom Text.
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> From: Hoffman, Allen [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Java AccessBridge, JAWS, Magic, ZoomText, NVDA
> Without naming names to protect the guilty, I have the following
> situation.
> An online course is accessible with JAWS and Magic via the Java
> AccessBridge. However, "text" field data is not read using either
> ZoomText or NVDA, even when configured correctly for the AccessBridge.
> What gives? Does NVDA have a missing component supporting the
> AccessBridge, does ZoomText? Are there multiple methods that can be
> used to deliver text field values via the Bridge, and some AT supports
> more than others, or does JAWS use something additional to greab the
> information-e.g. display driver data? Anyone who has a similar example
> of such behavior and found the specific answer? If so please post.
> Will have to try JAWS minus video intercept and see what happens.