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Re: Research proposal: Accessibility support for PDF, Flash, etc.


From: Birkir Gunnarsson
Date: Feb 23, 2010 7:21AM


Very good idea for research. I would include ODF (Open Document Format)
along with Adobe and Flash, since I, increasingly, here about it being used
as de facto standard in some countries for government papers. I have heard
that with a MS Word plug in this standard is no problem, but I feel
accessibility needs to be considered early and extensively if this
standardĀ“s use is spreading.
Regarding possible candidates for the job and source of funding, have you
contacted the new MasterĀ“s program that CSUN is setting up? It seems like a
perfect project for someone undertaking that degree at that place so there
might be collaboration interest there.
I will attend CSUN (as will many listers I am sure) and I know there is a
presentation on that degree there, so perhapd one could discuss this idea
with them, or at least point it out.
Thanks and good luck, I, for one, will certainly contribute as much as I can
when something a little more specific is called for.

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Sorry folks for sending out that note intended for Mark to the list.

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