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Re: Research proposal: Accessibility support for PDF, Flash, etc.


From: Moore,Michael (DARS)
Date: Feb 24, 2010 10:24AM

Andrew wrote,

The statement I made about PDF forms not being fully supported was
based on anecdotal evidence and reports of others (e.g. Roger Hudson www.dingoaccess.com/accessibility/accessibility-supported/)

Mike's response,

Roger's post confirms issues that we have seen with "dynamic" PDF forms created using Adobe Designer and accessed with JFW versions 9+. We currently only deploy "static" forms and this does limit functionality that we would like to deploy. However this does not prevent us from deploying PDF forms that are "accessibility supported."

We have been experimenting with dynamic forms for a while, attempting to create forms that will expand text fields when the field is filled, and to create forms that will add additional sections as needed based upon user selections. Neither we, nor our technical support reps at Adobe have been able to come up with a workable solution to date. Andrew, will the data that you are publishing address the issues that we have seen with the dynamic forms?

Mike Moore