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Displaying links with same content in a Table


From: Langum, Michael J
Date: Feb 26, 2010 11:06AM

Here is a variation on the issue of repeated "more", or "click here" links.

Our agency is creating a page which will provide access to various raw datasets produced by our agency.

Each dataset is listed in in a separate row, and the columns for each row provide the title for that dataset, a link to the raw data file, and a link to the documentation for that dataset.

As currently designed the content for these links are simply icons representing the format of the target file of that link (e.g. CSV, Zip, PDF, HTML, or text).

It is my understanding that an AT user who chooses to simply list links, will not be able to determine which dataset corresponds to any link. He or she would only hear something like . . .

link: CSV Format, link: PDF Format, link: Zipped files in CSV Format, link: Web Page, etc.

On the other hand, AT users who use normal or table mode should understand which dataset corresponds to which link.

Would folks with AT expertise please look at the page, and respond?

-- Mike