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Re: Displaying links with same content in a Table


From: Geof Collis
Date: Feb 26, 2010 12:18PM

I found it a bit confusing because some columns did not have the same
format, I would have preferred a N/A if it wasn't available in that
particular documentation/format.



At 12:05 PM 2/26/2010, you wrote:
>Sorry.... I forgot the URL - http://www.opm.gov/_Mike/test/Dataset-test.htm
>Here is a variation on the issue of repeated "more", or "click here" links.
>Our agency is creating a page which will provide access to various
>raw datasets produced by our agency.
>Each dataset is listed in in a separate row, and the columns for
>each row provide the title for that dataset, a link to the raw data
>file, and a link to the documentation for that dataset.
>As currently designed the content for these links are simply icons
>representing the format of the target file of that link (e.g. CSV,
>Zip, PDF, HTML, or text).
>It is my understanding that an AT user who chooses to simply list
>links, will not be able to determine which dataset corresponds to
>any link. He or she would only hear something like . . .
>link: CSV Format, link: PDF Format, link: Zipped files in CSV
>Format, link: Web Page, etc.
>On the other hand, AT users who use normal or table mode should
>understand which dataset corresponds to which link.
>Would folks with AT expertise please look at the
>page<http://www.opm.gov/_Mike/test/Dataset-test.htm>;, and respond?
>-- Mike