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Re: PDF will be legally accessible with the new 508


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Mar 19, 2010 1:45PM

That statement distorts a couple of things.
a) The new 508 isn't done. The ANPRM is open for comments, including yours.
b) Adobe Reader provides accommodations that assist low vision users even if they are not legally blind. The text enlargement and document reflow features are for anyone who wants the text to be larger. The high-contrast view options within Reader may be beneficial if a low-vision person finds it easier to read with different text and background colors. I know that you want line spacing, character spacing, word spacing, and more, and these are options for consideration in future versions. I'll also mention that Adobe Reader is not the only tool available to display PDF. As an open standard, anyone can create a tool that renders PDF - there are many options available.


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Senior Product Manager, Accessibility
Adobe Systems


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Well the new 508 requires that visual
accommodation only be required for individuals
with legal blindness. People with print
disabilities caused by low vision who are not
blind must use those accommodations. Since
everyone can use screen enlargement, everyone must.

That makes PDF accessible.