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Is this a keyboard trap?


From: Angela Colter
Date: Mar 25, 2010 5:18AM

Hi folks,

I've come across a behavior on a web page I don't think I've encountered
before. I'm hoping someone on the list can help me understand what's going

On https://personal.vanguard.com/us/home?fromPage=portal I can tab to all
the linked text and form elements when I'm using Firefox. I can't
*trigger*any of the text links, but I can tab to them. I think that's
because of the
anchor tags having "onclick" attributes without a corresponding "onkeypress"

But here's the weird thing: When I use IE 7, after I reach the first text
link ("Forgot user name or password") I can't tab to ANY of the other links
on the page. The next item to receive focus is the browser's address bar,
followed by browser tabs and so forth. And the focus never goes back to the
elements in the web page.

So here's my question: any idea what's causing this?

Thanks for the help and any advice you care to bestow.


Angela Colter
Usability Consultant

Web: http://www.angelacolter.com
Twitter: @angelacolter