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Re: Testing for accessibility compliance


From: Claudia.Case@wellsfargo.com
Date: Apr 27, 2010 1:42PM

I'm a team of one responsible for testing 100+ web apps at a large company. Here are the tools I use:
* Acrobat Pro's PDF Accessibility Checker /Adobe Systems
* ACTF aDesigner desktop accessibility tool / Eclipse
* AMP/InFocus 5 (Accessibility Management Platform) - SSB Bart Group
* Colour Contrast Analyser add-on for Firefox / Juicy Studio
* Firebug add-on for Firefox
* Firefox Accessibility Extension (FAE) add-on for Firefox - Illinois Center for Information Accessibility
* HTML Validator add-on for Firefox (set Options|Algorithm to "SGML Parser") - Mozilla
* JAWS for Windows Screen Reader desktop software / Freedom Scientific
* Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar add-on for Firefox / Juicy Studio
* Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser / Juicy Studio
* MAGic Screen Magnification with Speech desktop software / Freedom Scientific
* Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) plug-in for IE / The Paciello Group
* Web Developer Toolbar add-on for Firefox

Claudia Case

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From: Mark Guisinger [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 10:50 AM
Subject: [WebAIM] Testing for accessibility compliance

I'm working for a large company that is beginning to go down the road to making there website accessible. I'm starting to wonder about testing, as I'm not a tester. Do larger companies testing their websites for accessibility have a group of testers reviewing their pages with screen readers (one or more)? Or do they just validate that the code created is to spec? What tools are other companies using to test their websites for accessibility? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.