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Re: Testing for accessibility compliance


From: deblist@suberic.net
Date: Apr 28, 2010 12:39PM

If your testers are able-bodied and are not experienced users of
adaptive technology, have them try putting on some forced limits.
Can they use all functionality of the tool with the mouse
unplugged? What about with styles and images turned off in the
browser? What about with the browser set to a high level of

These are easier things for testers to understand. Being able to
test with the monitor turned entirely off can be very difficult
for someone who is not experienced screen reader user, and being
able to test voice control will be very difficult for somebody
who is not an experienced voice user. But asking them to unplug
the mouse and turn off styles and images at the browser level
ought to be much easier in training. Since perfect testing it
extremely difficult, these steps might help you get closer to
good enough testing.