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Re: abbreviations


From: djconley@buffalo.edu
Date: May 26, 2010 4:12PM

Woo -- nice discussion everyone.

It's odd that the rationale behind alt or title is 'so they don't get it twice.'
Couldn't it read one or the other if it was the only thing present and the
specified option if both were? I don't know why they'd (by default?) choose alt,
which is only used on images (...right?)

I don't expand an abbr tag if there's an explanation next to it, but still use
the tag. So: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and then
later Geof Collis wrote:
> > Nice try but I dont buy your argument.
> Which argument Geof?
> The one where I point to the WCAG 2 Success Criteria URL that states
> that should be used?
> Or the one where I confirm that will be in HTML5?
> Or the one where I suggest that expanding on an abbreviation or acronym
> helps more than just users of JAWS?
> Or that JAWS is not the only user-agent out there that we should be
> developing for?
> Or the one where I suggest that "author proposes, user disposes"
> is thebest path forward?
> Or the one where I state that in many modern user-agents today,
> and also render on screen traditionally with a dotted line
> under theabbreviation (which could aid those sighted users with cognitive
> disabilities)?
> Or is it simply because:
> >
> >Geof Collis wrote:
> > >
> > > It would appear that by default my version
> of JAWS 10.0 has the> > abbreviation and acronym turned off and
> that's just the way I like it.
> I respect your right to have an opinion, but I disagree with you, and
> I'vestated why.
> JF