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Re: abbreviations


From: Geof Collis
Date: May 27, 2010 6:36PM

Hi John

What I got from all of this is "there is such a thing as too much
information" :O)



At 07:26 PM 5/27/2010, you wrote:
>Geof Collis wrote:
> >
> > No John, the one where you say I HAVE to use it.
>FWIW I've never said anyone HAS to do anything - you are free to do as you
>wish. I make my opinions and recommendations available to those who might
>ask, and give supporting reasons and URLs to back those reasons. If you
>chose to not take the suggestion, that's fine too.
>As a follow up to yesterdays discussion, I pinged a daily user of NVDA,
>and someone who is actively involved/interested in NVDA's development, but
>who works for Mozilla as an accessibility specialist: Marco Zehe. This is
>what he wrote back:
>"NVDA doesn't do any special processing with the title attribute, but when
>present, the "read current object" command, NVDA+NUM PAD 5, will read the
>title as the name for the text frame object Firefox creates. For example
>if you have this snippet:
><p>This <abbr title="Non-Visual Desktop Access">NVDA</abbr> screen reader
>is not an <acronym title="People can't memorize computer industry
>acronyms">PCMCIA</acronym> device.</p>
>and navigate to "NVDA" using the virtual cursor, then press NVDA+NUM PAD
>5, NVDA will read "non-visual desktop access text frame". But they do
>currently not give an automatic indication that a particular word is an
>acronym or abbreviation."
>(I read this BTW as the title attribute on *any* element, not just ABBR)
>So, if JAWS can't or won't expose the title attribute on demand it is a
>flaw with the software, not of the code specification. It is too bad that
>NVDA doesn't notify the user that there is a title value to the ABBR
>element, but maybe that is a good thing: there is such a thing as too much
>information as well. However it is confirmed that if you use the ABBR
>element with a title value, users of NVDA at least can query what the
>abbreviation or acronym means and be informed of such.
>That's why I will do it. Y'all are free to do as you choose <grin>.