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Re: abbreviations


From: Geof Collis
Date: May 28, 2010 12:51PM

How am I wrong when I follow the guidelines which I spelled out to
you the other day.

At 01:15 PM 5/28/2010, you wrote:
>Geof Collis wrote:
> > So whose fault is it if they don't start at the beginning of the
> > content? That doesn't make any sense. Perhaps we should have a
> > tag that says start here in case you miss any
> > accessibility features on this page?
>I guess then that as a screen-reader user you *NEVER* navigate a page
>using headers? That search results *NEVER* return back named anchor URLs?
>Now you are just being contrary, and defending a point because you don't
>want to be wrong.
>I'm done.