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Re: HTML Label Tags


From: Jason Megginson
Date: Jun 22, 2010 9:21AM


You can also inspect whether label tags have been implemented properly by
"clicking" on the label text with the mouse. If the label has been
implemented correctly, the focus should be placed into the edit field.
This is a good way to check for label markup if you do not have automated
testing tools or screen readers at your disposal.

Note about this manual test: Newer versions of IE (versions 7 and 8) will
place focus into the fields if either 'explicit' or 'implicit' label
markup is used. We advocate the use of explicit label markup (matching the
'for' attribute to an 'id' attribute of a form element). This "click"
test is good to inspect whether any label markup is used at a minimum.

Hope this helps.
Jason Megginson

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[mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ] On Behalf Of Ken Weavers
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 5:44 AM
Subject: [WebAIM] HTML Label Tags

I am a computer analyst/developer, and have been asked to add Label Tags
a web page used as an entry form, to facilitate its use by those with a
sight impediment. My understanding is that by including the tags, certain
speech software, such as JAWS, will "speak" the contents of the Label Tag
while the cursor hovers on the field, which would not otherwise happen.

Having added the tags, I wish to verify that my coding is correct, and
the "speech" occurs at the required times (but not if the Label Tag is
missing) - otherwise the change might be useless. My colleagues and I are
having some trouble testing this, not being used to JAWS or other such
software. We have tried Supernova and ZoomText, but are having trouble
setting them to the mode which will allow "speech" at the right time and
the right form.

Can anyone please give me some help as to the best software to use, with
right version and settings, and what to do, just to perform this simple
task? Once tested, I would not need to use the software again, unless
further changes were needed, so a free sample edition of the software
be better.

Once I have established that the code to produce the Label Tags works
properly, I can release it to the rest of the university for general use.

Thank you.

Ken Weavers,
Oxford Brookes University,