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Easy Free Online Caption Creator for YouTube Videos


From: Ken M
Date: Jun 30, 2010 3:27AM

I took a look at the WebAim resources page and saw the caption creation
software tools available. I have another free online tool to throw into
the mix that quite simple in comparison.

I created a simple web application to significantly speed up the
human-based caption creation process for broadband users who want to
create YouTube-compatible caption files. This program my quarter
project for a programming class that I just completed in college. Right
now it outputs captions in the YouTube .SBV format. I'd be happy to add
an interface to output in other caption formats if you'd like.

See the following URL for the introductory beta demo version:


It's oriented around the efficiency needs for typists who are
transcribing while watching a movie. For example, I transcribed this
10-minute video with very rapid speech in less than 20-minutes, without
needing to use the mouse at all. You simply watch the video, when you
hear a few seconds of speech, you press ENTER, type the words, press
ENTER to save, then ENTER again to restart the video until you're ready
for the next caption. The captions default to cover the previous 4
seconds or as much time as possible if a previous caption is less than 4
seconds back.


Since it keeps the captions are created online, you can also distribute
the caption labor teams of people. One person can do the first 10
minutes, another the next, etc. They can all work on it at the same
time and when it's time to download they'll see the combined caption

This is very much a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated and
feature requests are welcome. At the moment, this is like a wiki-based
trust community oriented program. Anybody and edit anybody else's saved
captions for the time being, but the likelihood of someone else wanting
to caption the same video as you is pretty low.

Please note: If you have a slower connection, the nonlinear video access
may be sluggish or unresponsive. In that case, I recommend just using
simple PAUSE/CREATE/SAVE/PLAY in a linear fashion.