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Re: Interactive Glossary


From: Simius Puer
Date: Jul 8, 2010 3:45PM

> I'm not a fan of using a hyperlink for this. It doesn't seem semantically
> correct to me since it's not a link, it goes nowhere and so is misleading.
> In some browsing software you'll hear how many links are on the page.. Not
> sure why the idea of using a span and it's title tag isn't being considered
> here. I agree with what you've said other than the use of the href. Am I
> missing an issue with the use of a span tag, or a reason you feel an href
> is
> appropriate?
> Thanks - Susan

Sorry Susan, I had a minor error in my example - it was meant to indicate
linking to glossary.htm#term (i.e. an anchor on a real page) with a return
link. The point about keeping a consistent start to the "title" text was to
help AT users who can choose to skip if they get sick of hearing "glossary
term: xyz".

The <span> idea you are referring to has exactly the same problems as the
<abbr> I was detailing (plus more potentially) and no matter how it is
implemented the result is not accessible (to one disability group or another
- usually cognitive group).