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Re: Keep our moderator in your thoughts and prayers


From: Ro
Date: Jul 15, 2010 9:45AM

Oh dear, Jared, my prayers are with you. My faith has gotten me
througha lot too. And I am due for a docter's appointment. This is
reminding me to make it. My doctor checks my skin since I can't see it

Thanks for letting us know, and Jared, do keep us posted when you can.

~Randi and Guide Dog Jayden

One Day at a Time

On Jul 15, 2010, at 8:02 AM, Cliff Tyllick wrote:

> I hope Jared Smith doesn't mind my taking this action, but if you
> don't follow him on Twitter, you would have missed his most recent
> message:
> "Having a large portion of my toe removed. Possible Melanoma. Please
> check for and have suspicious spots examined. Now. Please."
> I've seen Jared mention his faith in his tweets, so I know he's very
> religious. If you are, too, I know that your prayers will mean a
> great deal to him and his family right now. If you're not, I'm sure
> your caring thoughts will mean a lot to them as well.
> But most of all, do take his message seriously. If you don't know
> exactly what to look for to detect possible melanomas, please learn.
> If you do know, please refresh your memory. The Mayo Clinic has good
> information online: http://tinyurl.com/32gh3af (I'm sure there are
> other good sources, too.)
> If you can't see well enough to recognize melanomas on yourself,
> please have someone close to you or a medical professional help you
> out by checking periodically.
> And don't overlook areas that rarely if ever see the sun. As Jared's
> case shows, melanomas can develop there, too.
> The steps to prevent, detect, and, with early detection, treat
> melanoma are simple. The consequences of waiting too long are harsh.
> So don't let melanoma sneak up on you or those in your care.
> Jared, I'm sure everyone on this list is pulling for you. Get well
> and stay well, my friend.
> Cliff Tyllick
> Usability specialist and Web development coordinator
> Agency Communications Division
> Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
> 512-239-4516