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Label tags again


From: Ken Weavers
Date: Jul 16, 2010 9:51AM

Following the very helpful responses from my question about Label tags on
June 22, I have discovered that the cursor goes to the field if you click on
the Label, provided it is coded correctly - thanks especially Jason

Could I just check if there are any other advantages of the Label tag? I set
up two fields, one with a Label tag, one without, and as expected only the
former caused focus to move to the field. But I was surprised that the
assistive software spoke the words of the descriptor in both cases in the
same way, whether there was a Label tag or not. So this does not appear to
be an advantage, though not a disadvantage either, obviously.

If there are any other major advantages, I would like to check that the
web-page takes those advantages, to confirm that the coding of the tags is


Ken Weavers, Oxford Brookes University.