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Re: Label tags again


From: E.J. Zufelt
Date: Jul 16, 2010 10:06AM

Good afternoon Ken,

You said: "the
assistive software spoke the words of the descriptor in both cases".

Curious what you mean by assistive software. It is true that some screen-readers will guess at what text to use for the form field label, and depending on how the information is displayed it will get it right. The advantage is that screen-readers are not required to guess about form field labels if you explicitly specify a label using the label element.

Everett Zufelt

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On 2010-07-16, at 11:51 AM, Ken Weavers wrote:

> Following the very helpful responses from my question about Label tags on
> June 22, I have discovered that the cursor goes to the field if you click on
> the Label, provided it is coded correctly - thanks especially Jason
> Megginson.
> Could I just check if there are any other advantages of the Label tag? I set
> up two fields, one with a Label tag, one without, and as expected only the
> former caused focus to move to the field. But I was surprised that the
> assistive software spoke the words of the descriptor in both cases in the
> same way, whether there was a Label tag or not. So this does not appear to
> be an advantage, though not a disadvantage either, obviously.
> If there are any other major advantages, I would like to check that the
> web-page takes those advantages, to confirm that the coding of the tags is
> optimum.
> Thanks,
> Ken Weavers, Oxford Brookes University.