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Re: Advice sought for ReadSpeaker


From: Robinson, Grant (CSS)
Date: Jul 19, 2010 9:51AM

While it is preferable to use one's own adaptive technology, some
environments such as self serve kiosks or public computers that are
managed exclusive of user installed software may find these widgets
useful. An alternative that is server side and has keyboard control
Is RokTalk at Roktalk.com. Press F9 or ALT-1 to activate the widget.
Keyboard commands are 'similar' to JAWS. I'v also added the
instructions page.

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The problem with accessible widgets is that most people who need
them will also have to have some other kind of accessibility
control, and it makes much more sense to work with existing
adaptive technology than to try to reproduce adaptive tech for a
single website.

(This is my frustration with Opera browse-by-voice. People who
are browsing by voice are also presumably controlling their
computers by voice, and switching back and forth between opera
voice control and general desktop voice control is clearly not
desirable behavior. It would make more sense for Opera to do the
work to play nicely with existing speech recognition systems.)

In the particular case of ReadSpeaker, I didn't find it to be
keyboard accessible playing around with their demos, but maybe
there was something I misunderstood.