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Re: More PDF remediation questions (was RE: Use of Headings)


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Jul 27, 2010 3:00PM

Yes and I've seen it in Word documents as well. In desktop publishing
documents that come from InDesign or Quark it is generally due to the number
of layers in the document. This is one of the reasons Adobe recommends only
using the text layer.

This will also happen sometimes when you try to repair the Tags in the Tags
Tree for a multi-layer document.

The remediation is to basically try to rearrange the layers of Phylo pastry
into their correct order. :-) Without causing other layers to disappear.
This gets extremely difficult in a document with more than 4 or 5 layers of

Cheers, Karen

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Subject: [WebAIM] More PDF remediation questions (was RE: Use of Headings)

Hi Karen,

While we have you on the line I have a question about content visually
disappearing when moving items in the order panel to fix reading order
issues. We saw this on a document that was created in InDesign. The person
who brought the document to us reported that they frequently encounter this
issue when working with PDFs created with InDesign and with Quark (sp?).
Have you seen this? And do you know how to work around this problem?

Mike Moore