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Re: More PDF remediation questions (was RE: Use of Headings)


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Jul 28, 2010 4:15AM

> Is it possible to flatten everything to a single layer in InDesign
> and/or Quark before publishing to PDF? Or would that have the effect
> of moving text into figure tags?

If you are authoring your PDFs from ID then you should be able to avoid circumstances where touch-up of the PDF tags in Acrobat is necessary (at least with respect to handling graphics).

One of those "avoidance maneuvers" is to flatten graphics prior to PDF creation. Flattened graphics are not susceptible to the z-order errors that are sometimes introduced when unpacking content-streams. WARNING: if these PDFs are intended for a high-end print application, flattening your graphics may not be acceptable.

That said, don't flatten "everything" into a single layer. Just flatten each semantic grouping of multilayered vector graphics; leave text and raster images alone.

Duff Johnson
Appligent Document Solutions