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From: Michael.Moore@dars.state.tx.us
Date: Jul 28, 2010 2:54PM

Does anyone know how to create accessible forms using MS InfoPath. The InfoPath help system insists that you can label the forms through the properties dialog using the tooltip input. We have created forms in this manner but JFW 9 and 10 do not even recognize that any for fields are present and JFW 11 does not read the information from the tool tip but grabs the screen text apparently based upon proximity.

I am not sure if we are doing something wrong, which is entirely possible, if it is something in our deployment environment, MS SharePoint V7, or that InfoPath is just not compatible with JFW. It does appear to work with NVDA so I suspect that this may be a JFW issue but I am not willing to give up yet.

Mike Moore