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Re: Font size


From: Joel Ward
Date: May 30, 2002 1:49PM

Michael Goddard wrote:
> It is not the designers you need to convince but the companies and clients
> to whom hire the designers.

I agree. It would be very productive to start from the top down.

But the designers are also key. Even if the companies and clients know
what's right, and push the right thing, and tell the designers what they
want, designers can always ignore their pleadings (aka requirements).
Whether it be right or wrong, moral or immoral. It can, will, and does

Much like we feel what we are doing here is right, designers (and pretty
much any human being) also feel righteous about their own opinions.
Sometimes that overrides the public interest.

I guess my point is that everyone needs to be convinced, from the top
down. And those at the top need to enforce their policies.

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