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Embedded Youtube videos


From: Ritz, Courtney L. (GSFC-7500)
Date: Jul 30, 2010 10:06AM

Hi again,

I have run across more and more instances of people embedding Youtube videos into their Web pages, via a bit of Flash. Though there are helpful controls such as play/pause, volume, mute, and seek, some of the buttons are not labeled. There also seems to be some unrendered code showing.
Somehow, this just doesn't sound extremely accessible or Section 508 compliant to me, though it does provide for some helpful user controls

My first recommendation to a colleague wishing to include some videos was to simply provide a URL to each Youtube video rather than having them display within their Web page. They're pretty dead-set on having the video on their page, so is there perhaps a better way to do this?

Unfortunately, my colleague's page is not publicly available. However, I found one example, on a page showing a video demo of a Pac-Man game. If you visit the URL, you will find a Youtube flash object like the one I'm referring to.

thanks, and have a great weekend.