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Table Headings


From: Susan Grossman
Date: Aug 26, 2010 9:51AM

I'm working for a site (pre-existing small web application) that uses a
couple of tabular data tables (short ones with only a few columns/rows, but
they are data) without any <th> (headings), captions , summaries, etc.
They need to be compliant so I'm working up how they're going to do it...
the constraint being I can't change the way it looks, because then they have
to go back to the design team and that's out of scope. Unfortunately there
isn't any visual appearance of headings, so I can't just change a row of
<td>'s, since they don't exist in the design.

What are the consequences (usability wise) of adding them non-visually,
either trying to work them off-screen like with skip links, or using
display:none Don't want to be just compliant, want to be compliant and

Are there other suggestions?


*Susan R. Grossman*