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Re: zoomtext reversing background colour test please


From: David Farough
Date: Aug 27, 2010 9:15AM

Hi Sandy:
I don't have Zoomtext but I do have System Access.
Using the screen magnification option of system access and the reverse
colors option, all three boxes changed from yellow to blue. I'll be
interested to hear how this works for Zoomtext. If you're interested, I
can try this out using Magic.

David Farough
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Information Technology Services Directorate /
Direction des services d'information technologiques
Public Service Commission / Commission de la fonction publique
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>>> Sandy < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 09:37 AM Friday, August 27, 2010 >>>
hello list,

I hope there is a zoomtext user out there who can check something for

There is a bit of css that someone I am working with would like to use
it adds a background gradient and a drop shadow to a div - and I think

it messes up the zoomtext display when you reverse colours.

I have set up two boxes, one with the gradient background style and one

with just the drop shadow. They look the same to me, but I hope that
second one will reverse background colours in zoomtext.

If you have that software and can take the time to look, it would be
much appreciated.

Here's the link. css is in the head of this page.

thanks very much