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Re: Proposal for an online, crowdsourced accessibility testing platform


From: Chris Hoffman
Date: Aug 27, 2010 10:39PM

There a lot of great comments and suggestions here, and I'm excited to
see so much enthusiasm for this project. Here are few of my thoughts,
after having read all of yours:

1. The HTML snippets that we test should be presented in the context
of a larger site. I'm thinking that we could build a dummy company or
university site, or at least selected pages from such a site, and
present them with only the code that's under test being changed.

2. The caveat of #1 is that the contextual part of the tests (as well
as instructions for the testers and any other supplementary material)
would have to be as close to universally accessible as possible.

3. For each test presentation, testers will each be directed to just
one of the two alternatives. They will be given specific tasks
(navigate to the product page for such-and-such widgets) or specific
questions to answer (who is the vice president of the company?),
rather that just being asked to choose which of two presentations is
accessible. We can gather data google-analytics style that traces the
paths users take and the efficiency of each test.

4. The entire test suite should be open to (I imagine moderated)
submissions from the public.

I think the next step is to find a wiki or some other central spot to
collect and process ideas and get a preliminary spec started. Any
suggestions on that front?