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Re: Screen reader voicing of tables


From: Terrill Bennett
Date: Aug 30, 2010 12:33PM

I've quickly thrown together examples of tables using scope or id
attributes, and recorded both JAWS and NVDA so you can listen. I used
voice rates that most people can probably understand clearly.

Here are direct links to each article so you don't have to go through
the menus:

Table using SCOPE attributes (NVDA using the Crystal voice from NaturalSoft):

Table using ID attribute (NVDA using the default eSpeak voice):

Using JAWS and NVDA give you examples of the range of behavior you
find in screen readers with tables.

Again, I put the entire menu structure and articles together in a bit
of a hurry, so the whole package needs a good rub out, waxing and
polishing - but the recordings and actual articles are acceptable.
The article contains recordings in an unaccessible Flash player (I
didn't write it, and I don't program Flash, sorry!), DIRECT LINKS to
the MP3's for those who can't access the player (feel free to
right-click and steal), along with a text narrative complete with
table-related JAWS commands used to navigate the tables.

Hope this helps.

PS: two examples of what might possibly be contained in a future project?

-- terrill --