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Re: RNIB "accessible" game


From: David R. Stong
Date: Jun 14, 2002 7:06AM

Tom, how would you define "accessible?" I've thought that I'm all for
it, but find lately that I'm confused as to what it is.

Does it imply making no effort? If a page has to be accessed with
scripting turned on, and script capabilities are part of standard
browsers, couldn't we say that a page with valid javascript is
accessible with some effort on the users part?

I'm afraid of turning off the developers who are currently trying to
meet all users needs. Many are working on ways to utilize javascript
to enable and include rather than exclude ( check
http://www.trace.wisc.edu/world/java/jseval.htm ). Newer versions of
JAWS, WindowEyes, and Home Page Reader are created to implement new
Web practices. Will it all be for nothing?

Currently Macromedia is struggling to make Flash content accessible
to everyone who has the Flash plugin. Adobe is struggling to make PDF
fully accessible to anyone with the Acrobat Reader plug in. Both
companies are also struggling to give returns to investors and pay
medical benefits for employees. I applaud all of their efforts. But
no; currently someone needing a screen reader to access Web content
won't be able to access content on this page unless they have
WindowEyes, Internet Explorer on the Windows platform, scripting
turned on, the Flash 6 plugin, and oh yes, a computer.

I suggest you turn scripting on, access what you can, and send
Macromedia and Blue Wave as much professional feedback as you can.
I'll bet they'll listen.

>I just received a message from the RNIB's Campaign for Good Web Design mailing
>list. I won't copy it all here, it is available to read at
>Basically the RNIB got Bluewave (http://www.bluewave.com) to produce a game in
>flash for their "Look Loud Day" - but make it accessible...
> "The brief RNIB gave Bluewave was to use Flash MX to create an online game
> that would be as accessible to blind people as it is to sighted people"
>...well they clearly failed - http://lookloud.bluewave.com/ is the end result.
>Frames. Scripting. Browser detection. Invalid HTML. Not what I call
>I'm sighted, and yet could not access the page due to having
>scripting disabled
>in IE. I got a nice, white, blank page. It's no good making flash
>accessible if
>the page that contains it isn't.
>Maybe the RNIB should get a refund if they did pay for this shoddy bit of
>Tom Gilder
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