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Re: Accessible conditional form fields


From: D A
Date: Oct 26, 2010 2:15PM

> In any event, as long as the conditional field comes after the
> associated radio button (in the html sequence) you shouldn't have a problem,
> since the conditional content will appear after the user's selection and
> will not be missed.

Good to know. Thanks!

> Don't forget fieldset/legend.

oof. Well, now that you've opened that can of worms... ;o)

In my previous research, the opinion of the fieldset/legend for
radiobutton lists seems to end up with hung juries.

I've opted to go for h3 instead of a legend for a few reasons:

1. Legends are really hard to deal with via CSS
2. My understanding is that fieldsets are read prior to each
radiobutton option and that for many folks, that, itself, can be
annoying and lead to accessibility issues--especially when the the
fieldset would be a complete sentence (or group of sentences).

I'm still open to being convinced one way or the other, of course.