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Re: AT problems after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010?


From: Michael.Moore
Date: Oct 28, 2010 7:03AM

Hi Marc,

At our agency we have over 200 AT users (Dragon, ZoomText, JFW, Dux, and Kurzweil). We use the following process to evaluate new software and for compatibility in our environment. This process may be helpful to you depending upon what resources you have available to you.

Information resources installs and test the software for compatibility with the operating system, network and related security software and systems.

The accessibility team installs the software and tests core functionality, the features and functionality that our users must have to do their jobs with keyboard, JFW, ZoomText and Dragon. (Dux and Kurzweil are file conversion tools so we evaluate that software separately).

We recruit a group of volunteers who depend upon the AT to do their jobs for a user evaluation. We usually conduct a user evaluation for about a month letting them do their jobs with the new software and work with them to troubleshoot any problems or identify any compatibility problems.

The results of the tests are used as part of the IT governance process to determine if and when the new software will be deployed. Training for AT users that covers how to use the new software with specific AT is frequently part of the roll out plan. This was critical when we moved from office 2003 to 2007 and will probably be needed again when we move from WinXP to Win7.

Note, Duxbury still requires that MS Word files be saved in a .doc format for brailling.

Mike Moore

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Subject: [WebAIM] AT problems after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010?

Hello All,

The government agency that I work with is now able to upgrade to and begin using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. This is a big jump since they have been using Office 2003 and will continue using Windows XP. I read, I believe in, the JAWS-users-list that Outlook 2010 may not work well with certain versions of JAWS. This made me want to learn about any potential problems with using the 2010 version of programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and the already installed AT before my users take the plunge. Has anyone upgraded to Office 2010 and experienced any issues or incompatibility with the AT software that they have been using? I would be interested to learn about any AT problems with Office 2010, but the AT software that I am primarily concerned with is:

Dragon Naturallyspeaking Professional 10+
Duxbury Braille Translator 10.4+
Zoomtext 9+
JAWS 10 and 11
Windows Eyes 7+
Open Book 8 and 9

My users' situation may be a bit unique because this will be Office 2010 Professional rather than Home and Student or Home and Business versions. These are also government computers so some of the normal software functionality is blocked for security reasons and the users usually don't have admin rights to make system adjustments, etc. But, I would appreciate feedback that any type of user experienced with Office 2010 and AT software.