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Re: best screen readers for browser testing


From: joyce@webjericho.com
Date: Jun 18, 2002 10:49AM

I am not a professional web developer, but I do some web design,
and I work with people with various disabilities, often using the
adaptive software out on the market.
It seems to me that if you design to any one particular program (be
it HomePage Reader, Jaws or another), you are
1. of necessity neglecting the other software of that same type
2. neglecting the issues faced by people with other disabilities
(and the software >they< use....tetraplegics using voice recognition
comes to mind) and
3. you are adding to the confusion. Adaptive software engineers
look at the same standards that you do (508 and w3c) and assume
that web developers who are interested in accessibility are doing
the same. If you are not, but rather designing to one or two
specific software programs (and only certain versions of those, at
that), you are in essence making those the standard.

I vote that we stick with the "real" standards, for the benefit of all!

>I am a webmistress and web designer who is investigating different screen
>readers to buy for the purpose of testing accessibility on our websites.
>Price is also a factor of course. I like IBM Home Page Reader but am worried
>that it is not that common. Should my company buy this $200 program just for
>testing websites or should they go for the more expensive Window-Eyes or
>JAWS since they are the most commonly used? Any suggestions would be greatly
>appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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