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Most accessible html editors


From: Birkir RĂșnar Gunnarsson
Date: Nov 30, 2010 10:12AM

Hello to all

Hope the American contingent had a nice Thanksgiving.
I asked this question on the programmer's mailing list and got a few
responses, but I am still looking for the most accessible html / web
site editor out there.
Ideally I'd be able to use Sharepoint Designer 2007, but I am having
difficulty with that and Jaws.
I can check out an .html file just fine, but once I have the file in
my code editor I see no indication whether the text in the file is a
link, list, table or just plain text.
So I can edit the text, spell check and do other Word things, but I
have a lot of difficulty knowing what is what.
If someone has successfully worked with Designer and a screen reader,
please let me know (off list is fine too).
How is Front Page (Jaws 12 has Front Page help topic but it says
"Frontpage 2000" .. and keeping in mind the difference between Office
2000 and 2007/2010 I am not sure how helpful that is).
Any other editor is fine, as long as it supports source control
(visual sourceSafe).
Any hints would be very welcome.
Thanks and have a good day.