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Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: CSS content property and empty image alt values


From: steven
Date: Dec 14, 2010 2:21AM

Thanks Benjamin.

As much as I wanted a real presentational solution, my caution is now
heightened by that article. I totally see the benefit of people being able
to insert their own content via CSS, but it does then beg some questions.
For example:

1. Should authors such as myself should ever use CSS content for
presentational purposes? if it is also to be encouraged for no-authors for
screen reader users?

2. How can we discourage (or prevent) visual content being mixed with
non-visual content?

Maybe the simple inclusion of a type attribute for the content property?
Such as with the CSS media attribute, of 'presentation' or 'text'.

I wish these kind of things could be agreed before being implemented. At
least then, we could adopt best methods prior to their implementation.
Instead, we have to deal with limited HTML5 and CCS3 for the next 5 years,
and probably beyond that too.


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> I have yet to encounter a screen reader announcing anything about an image
that is located in the CSS, regardless of what method was used to get it

The thread I linked to includes an example with Safari and VoiceOver:


Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis