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Definition list vs. Table


From: adam solomon
Date: Dec 24, 2010 4:48AM

Let us say I have a web page which contains information about a particular
individual. The content would look like this:

first name: john
last name: doe
telephone: 111-1111
city: beverly hills
state: california

Which of the following would be the preferable html markup from a semantics

<dt>first name</dt><dd>john</dd>
<dt>last name</dt><dd>doe</dd>
<dt>city</dt><dd>beverly hills</dd>


<th>first name</th><td>john</td>
<th>last name</th><td>doe</td>
<th>city</th><td>beverly hills</td>

How much support is the table alternative given in screen readers?
Would the following also be supported and valid?
<th>first name</th><td>john</td><th>last

Thanks in advance for any insight.
adam solomon
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