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Wikis and Accessibility


From: Ed Lucas
Date: Jun 28, 2002 4:06AM

Is there a Wiki, or something like it, for the Accessibility Community?

FYI: A Wiki is a writable web site, where the users have control over
adding and deleting the content and pages - it is something like a
graffitti wall or a forum without any threading e.g.

I ask because;
I'm a web developer with a long standing interest (but not
expertise) in usability and accessibility, but no established links to
the community, basically just an outsider who would like to be 'doing
the right thing'. I don't think I'm alone in this ;)
I think a Wiki could be a good way of sharing and discussing a lot
of the nitty-gritty - the real world application of the standards - that
sort of thing.

I appreciate that there may be a number of Wiki features that are not
conducive to Accessible Browsing, the simplistic text editing for one.
However, just the feedback on this alone would be useful to the general
wiki community.

So, to cut a potential ramble short;
Is there already one, and I Googled past it without noticing?
Is there any interest from this community in having one?
I would be willing to run one as a pilot scheme if there is
sufficient interest. (The only problem is that my current hosting setup
probably lacks CPU power to host it if it grows - it might then need
moving or upgrading)

Thanks for your time, best wishes,
Ed Lucas

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